1. Art Reproduction - Giclée - Let Girard Graphics & Design re-create your original artwork with limited edition prints. We are the ideal source for short-run art reproduction because of our use of state-of-the-art print technology. Giclee is the premier, cost-effective way to reproduce and enlarge artwork. Literally meaning “to spray ink,” it is synonymous with the inkjet technology that we use for fine art reproduction.

  2. Film and Art Scanning - Photographic Quality is what we specialize in! At Girard Graphics & Design, we strive to make the best possible scans from your slides, negatives and photos.

  3. High Resolution Photography - Girard Graphics & Design offers a real alternative to expensive professional photography - Inexpensive professional photography! The photography itself is usually not the big expense, it's the print pricing afterwards. Let us work up a quote for you, you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Canvas Wall Art pieces make great gifts!


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